Northeastern Baptist College offers a dual credit program called Early Scholars. Through this program students can begin taking college courses in their sophomore year of high school. The program is designed to give students a jump start on college at a significantly reduced cost.

The program course offerings are designed to provide general education courses that are both college preparatory and foundational to a college career.


Graduate with an Early Scholars Certificate
Upon graduation students will receive an “Early Scholars Certificate” recognizing the completion of the Program. This certificate will set students apart on College applications.
Receive Dual Credit
These are not extra courses. All courses taken in the Early Scholars Program meet both High School and College requirements, all in one class!
Earn 24 Transferable College Credits
After completion of the Program, students will have earned 24 college credits. Each course provides an opportunity to earn 3 college credits. These courses are transferrable at the discretion of the receiving institution. Ask to see a list of our partner institutions.
Experience College while in High School
Students attend class with NEBC college students and are held to the same standards as a college student. They will learn study, research, and time management skills – a true preparation for their post-high school adventures.

We recommend choosing from the following selection of courses based on academic year:

Freshman YearSophomore YearJunior YearSenior YearGeneral Education Courses
Students wishing to participate in the Early Scholars Program first enroll in the Intro to College course during their first year of high school. This ten week course is offered annually in the spring and is free of charge for those applying to the Early Scholars Program.

The course is designed to introduce students to the expectations of a college environment. Topics covered include the college application process, college essay writing, learning styles, study skills, effective note taking techniques, and guidance on how to maintain spiritual discipline while in a new environment.

•  English Composition I
•  English Composition II
•  English Grammar
•  Personal Finance
•  Intro to Psych, Intro to Business
•  Interpersonal Communication
•  Biology

Highschool Juniors can take any 100 level or lower General Education courses.

•  Statistics
•  Hermeneutics
•  Worldview and Apologetics
•  College Algebra

Highschool Seniors can take any 200 level or lower General Education courses.

•  Speech
•  Biology
•  Scientific Disciplines
•  Personal Finance
•  American Economics
•  Introduction to Leadership
•  Effective Communication
•  Intro to Business Principles
•  Intro to Psychology
•  Developmental Psychology
•  Western Literature
•  American History
•  Church History
•  The Radical Reformation
Application Process
•  Complete application
•  Middle/High School transcript
•  Recommendation from High School Principal or Homeschool Coordinator
•  Freshmen: Enroll in the spring Introduction to College course.
Entrance Requirements
•  Participation in Introduction to College course
•  GPA requirement of 3.0
•  Pass Early Scholars English proficiency test
•  Recommendation from High School Principal or Homeschool Coordinator

Apply for the Early Scholars Program

To apply for this program, please fill out the following form and send your application to Director of the Early Scholars Program, Deb Woodcock.