Northeastern Baptist College is the first 4-year, evangelical Christian College ever established in the state of Vermont for the prime purpose of bringing the gospel to New England.


Historically, New England has been known as the hub of academic thought and development, and still prides itself today in academic excellence. Only opened in 2013, Northeastern Baptist College has already developed a rigorous, well-respected academic program with a successful reputation. A college education at NEBC follows New England’s grand tradition in academia while elevating it with a commitment to teaching within a Christian worldview, accompanied by a high level of practicality.

NEBC’s qualified faculty focus on developing God’s calling in the lives of their students, and the coursework at NEBC offers unique potential and academic challenge. Students can choose from four majors, each with its own specialized concentrations: Biblical Studies, Christian Counseling, Music Ministry, Business Administration.

The academic program at NEBC is built around thirteen core educational objectives that directly support the mission of the school to have the Mind of a Scholar, the Heart of a Shepherd and the Perseverance of a Soldier.

The Mind of a Scholar
Biblical Worldview
Theological Application
Critical Thinking
Written Communication
Oral Communication

The Heart of a Shepherd
Passion and Preparation
Spiritual Formation
Intercultural Competence
The Perseverance of a Soldier
Vocational Readiness
Integrative Learning
Civic Engagement