12094861_10207916545417322_1672880526476626072_oVermont is the idyllic land of maple syrup, Green Mountains and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Centuries old empty church buildings dot the landscape, but underneath the beauty of the land, Vermont has become a realm without God.

Vermont is the second most liberal area in the nation, with Massachusetts, Delaware& New York close behind. According to the Palmetto Family Council, Vermont is also the least 12132379_10207916541977236_6009614778809778098_o churched state in the nation. The Barna group ranks 8 of the top 10 least-churched cities in the Northeast with first and second being within a short distance of NEBC.

Yet, all these facts still fail to show the state of the people. They are lost, seeking to fill the God void with heroin and false religions. On March 22, 2014, a Gnostic church, with elements of the ancient heresy and new age philosophy, along with various forms of spiritualism, opened its doors just a few miles down the road.

12654473_10208657068409934_6018154607905063305_nWith opposition such as this, the presence of God needs to be great. Bennington, Vermont is strategically located in the geographic center of the Northeast. According to the North American Mission Board, 67 million people live in the area, with 82% of them considered lost: that is 52 million people who don’t know Jesus!

Northeastern Baptist College exists to train students to impact the United States and the World through providing an Academically Sound, Biblically Strong, and Practically Relevant, college education from our campus strategically located in New England.

Our students are being trained not only in the classroom, but in the community by internships, volunteering and mentorship with area churches.

12138434_10207916543857283_7712072061820937312_oAlready the Bennington area is feeling the impact of NEBC students. All of our students serve in local ministries and churches, playing and leading music, working alongside local church plants, volunteering in outreach ministries like food pantries and other aids, leading Bible Studies, teaching Children’s programs, and more.

Be a part of what NEBC is doing! Your support of NEBC today will have an impact lasting into eternity. Please consider adding us to your budget for regular monthly support.