NEBC is dedicated to preventing financial need from hindering any student’s attendance. So, after the Admissions Office receives a Pastor Recommendation form and a Church Recommendation form, students receive a general scholarship that drives tuition rates substantially beneath national average. Also, our Admissions Office is diligently working year round to ensure that scholarships are available and made known to students in need.

General Costs

Description Cost/Year
Regular Annual Tuition and Housing $30,000
General Scholarships
     Pastor Recommendation – $6,000 (3,000 per semester)
     Church Recommendation – $10,000 (5,000 per semester)
Total Annual Tuition and Housing $14,000
Additional Fees
     Application Fee $25
     Enrollment Deposit $25
     Student Life Fee $75 per semester
     Library Fee $100 per year

Cost Breakdowns

Full Time Students
     $900 per credit hour = $27,000 (annual tuition for 12–18 hrs per semester)
     $300 per month for rent = $3,000 (for ten months)
     After Church and Pastor Reference General Scholarships
          $5,500 per semester for 12–18 credit hours
          $1,500 per semester for rent
          Totaling: $14, 000 annual tuition and housing
Part Time Students
     $900 per credit hour
     $470 per credit hour after Church and Pastor Endorsement Scholarship
Class Audits
     $250 for class audits (with professor and registrar approval only)