How would you like to graduate with zero debt?

That’s exactly what Northeastern Baptist College’s Work Study Program offers. In exchange for working for the school 20 hours a week each semester, each Work Study student will have the entire cost of tuition covered by NEBC. The only requirements are that students are enrolled full-time, and maintain good academic standing.

“While I first came to NEBC to earn an education, I’ve found that my work study brings me just as much fulfillment as my studies because it enables me to put my abilities to use to serve the school and its mission.”

Besides simply covering tuition, the Work Study program offers students the opportunity to gain work experience and real-world training. Beyond what you learn in the classroom, you will also learn practical skills and use your abilities to make a difference here at NEBC.

Northeastern Baptist College awards a limited number of Work Study opportunities to incoming students per academic year. A student in a work study position may continue in the program all four years at NEBC if they maintain the requirements for participation.

The Work Study Program only pays for tuition costs and does not cover room, board, books, or other student fees.