Aren’t sure if you’re ready to pursue an associate or bachelor’s degree?  No problem.  Northeastern offers students the opportunity to explore educational possibilities without all the regular stresses of a college education.

Part-time, Non-Degree Studies

Students can take courses for credit without making a degree commitment or going through the complete admissions process. This is a great option for exploring college possibilities, or for continuing education credits. As a part-time non-degree seeking student, you can take up to four courses (12 credits) at $250.00 per course.

Audit Courses

Students can audit courses without the need to complete assignments or take exams. As an auditor, you will be exposed to valuable insights and gain understanding into various subjects, all for only $50.00 per course. To see our current course offerings, please click here.

You can Apply Online now below, or print a PDF application to mail.

Part-time, Non-Degree Studies Online Application

This application is for part-time, non-degree study only and is not an application for a degree program. Students who desire to enroll in a degree program must apply using the regular application form and process. No application fee is required to submit this part-time non-degree application.