Northeastern Baptist College staff and students traveled to Montpelier on Wednesday, August 24th, to attend the Decision America Tour held by Franklin Graham, Billy Graham’s son. At the front steps of the state capitol building, Dr. Graham spoke of the declining morality and spirituality of the country and explained how Christians can make a difference.

The group of students and several staff traveled by bus from Bennington to Montpelier. After arriving in front of the State House, where the rally was taking place, the group had lunch before heading up towards the upper portion of the State House property. NEBC gathered as a group in order to take a few pictures with Franklin Graham himself, and afterwards listened intently as Dr. Graham gave his thoughts and concerns about the United States and what Christians can do about it.


Dr. Graham first led the rally in a time of prayer, for those attending, their fathers, for the state police departments, etc. He then offered the gospel message for those who did not know Jesus as Lord, and gave them the opportunity to receive salvation and become a man or woman for God.

Afterwards, Dr. Graham spoke about how Christians today need to be more active in politics, and that the Bible needs to be reintegrated into the country, even at a local government level. He urged everyone to vote in the upcoming presidential election and to study the candidates and their platforms. Dr. Graham pointed out various state government elections in the past that were only separated by a few votes, noting that had Christians participated in the voting, the outcome may have been different. He also encouraged Christians to get involved in local and state governments, so as to counteract the spread of secularism that plagues Vermont’s governing body.


After the rally, NEBC went to the Vermont Country Store located in Weston, where students were able to buy a wide assortment of knick-knacks and relax with some cold ice cream! After about an hour of visiting the country store, NEBC returned back to Bennington, filled with hope that God will come and place His hand on Vermont, revitalizing a spiritually dead region that once brought glory to the Lord in ways no other state has.

To see more photos from the trip, click here.

NEBC Student Writer