I came to NEBC ready to take the next step toward ministry. In my studies I am pursuing a BA in Biblical Studies with a focus in Pastoral Ministry. I did not only desire to learn about pastoral ministry from the classroom, I also wanted hands on experience. For this I needed to involve myself with a church that could give me hands on experience while training me in the ministry. By God’s grace I was able to find that church.

Through a connection made during my second visit to NEBC, I met Pastor Branden Rogers. I was able to get involved with the two churches he is pastoring in Poultney and Castleton. I helped with set up, tear down, parking, greeting, and youth group. I was enjoying it, but wanted more of a challenge. In talking with Pastor Branden, I discovered that the youth pastor was wanting to step away from youth ministry and into college ministry. I was able to transition in as the new youth pastor!


Tyler (front, center) and his youth group

I never saw myself becoming a youth pastor. God has blessed me with the position and has worked through me. I have been so blessed to see how God is working. One boy was saved and baptized in April. In the early summer, two of the girls who were saved got baptized. During summer camp, two girls got saved, and I will be able to baptize one of them later this month. I am now able to disciple them and point them all to the Lord.

God is on the move in each of the youth’s hearts doing far more than I can list here. One example is how God worked in a group of them through their witness in school. They have been public about their faith in school. For that they have faced persecution, even from their teacher. They wanted to stand strong for God and not back down from their faith. They learned that they had to show love to their teacher, and they did just that. They even began praying for her together. They were able to see their own hearts change through the whole situation. I believe through this they learned more about Jesus and His love.


Tyler and the young man baptized in April

Many more stories flood my mind as I think of the ways God is at work. I wish I could tell all of them. It has been a joy serving as a youth pastor. I have been challenged in many ways and have learned a lot. This experience is one I will cherish forever. I am super excited to see how God will continue to work in the youth group. I am privileged to serve the Most High God in such a capacity. Glory be to Him!