When I first heard about NEBC, it was the summer of 2013, and I was serving on the Word of Life Ranch as a counselor. I had just finished up my year there and was still feeling a call to go to school in order to be better equipped to serve God in full time ministry. So I applied to NEBC. I’d like to say the rest is history, but I’m more stubborn than that.

When I received my first bill for the initial deposit, I used it as an excuse not to go (I told myself that it was too much money). In reality, at that point in my life I was struggling with control and pride. So, instead of asking God for guidance concerning school, I was telling Him that I did not need school and instead needed to get married and settle down.


Chris’ comedy routine at the Hebrews Cafe’s open mic night.

That was the beginning of the biggest time of growth I’ve had in my walk with God, up until now. During that time, my relationship with my girlfriend ended, I was feeling dissatisfied in my job, I was feeling discontent in life, and then I was hurt by some people from a church I served in. It gotten to the point where I was honestly ready to walk away from ever serving in the church, or in any full time ministry.

My mentor Mark J. and I talked one day at college and career fellowship. He asked me a lot of questions that made me examine my life, and I realized that I had some idols I needed to forsake and some confessions I needed to make to God. I took a walk to River of Life’s bridge and had a good and long talk with God. He brought John 14:27 to my mind: “Peace I give you, not as the world gives, but a true peace, I give you” (paraphrase). Instantly I was calmed, like I could hear Him again.


Chris is a Work Study student in Maintenance

The next day, I contacted the admissions director, Tim Groos, and finished applying. One thing I can say about being an NEBC student: is it is tough. But so is ministry! And this school is geared to equip students to be prepared to serve God in ministry, to have the mind of a scholar, heart of a shepherd, and perseverance of a soldier.

My plan after graduation is to be involved in ministry. Right now, I feel led towards counseling young adults. I’ve been through a lot in life, and if God can use my example to pour into the lives of young men and women to help them through some of life’s valleys, I’d say I’ve fulfilled my purpose.