Northeastern Baptist College chapel services are a time for students and staff to pause and join together during the week in corporate worship and grow in our faith.  Chapel services are open to the public and held on each Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00 am to 12:00 noon.  Chapel speakers come from both within NEBC and from other ministry organizations and churches, and worship is student-led.

Please join us in person for chapel or listen to one of our previous messages!

251 Club
NEBC’s 251 Club presents each Tuesday and Thursday during chapel, highlighting one of Vermont’s 251 towns and cities. The students and staff hear about the statistics, history, and, most importantly, the gospel presence within each town. These moments remind the school both to pray for these towns and to never cease in spreading the good news of Christ wherever they go.

Library Moments
During each Thursday chapel, Library Director Jim Mancuso presents NEBC’s Library Moment. Each week, different literary selections on a common theme are put on display, with Mr. Mancuso giving a description of each. These Moments highlight the collection at the Hogue Library, and encourage students to take their reading beyond just their classroom assignments.

NEBC’s Worship Ensemble leads worship during each chapel, featuring students from all of our degree programs. Beyond just practicing for their future music ministries, these students help bring their fellow students and faculty to the throne of God, reminding them twice a week why they have dedicated their lives to His work.