Last week I sent you an email announcing a signed agreement to purchase a great campus in Downtown Bennington, Vermont. What a thrill! The buildings can serve as Northeastern Baptist College’s future home for many years to come. Thank you for the notes, prayers, and encouraging texts. Keep them coming.

I hope you’ll come see these wonderful buildings soon. We’d love to give you a tour so you can share our growing excitement. In case you missed it, I’m including a peek at the campus’s exterior: you may click on this link. I think the nearby walkways, neighboring buildings, and the babbling stream are inviting reminders of New England’s unique beauty. Enjoy.

Several asked for more information. I’m eager to share. Related prayer needs will also be a priority over the next few months as we see our Father provide. It is urgent that many join us in taking our multiple requests to the Father.

With great excitement and anticipation, I’m announcing a new blog today. I want it to fulfill the purpose of keeping you informed of both our progress and prayer needs. The two are inseparable; as we pray, we will progress.

The blog’s title is, The President’s Ponderings on the Path to Victory. The Bible tells us that when Jesus “opens a door no one can shut it.” (Rev. 3:7) We believe He has “opened a door” before us that “no one can shut.” (Rev. 3:8). Though victory is assured, there is a path to follow, and the blog will allow you to join the journey.

God is already working. I will share the specifics and the excitement with you. He is also working in me as I lead this effort. As I share my journey with you, I pray that your will walk with our Lord will be inspired and renewed. Together, we can join God in what He is already doing. May HE BE GLORIFIED as we share and pray and walk the path to victory.

The Lord willing, I’ll write new posts twice a week. Each time a new post is available, we will send an email with a short introduction. Please pray when you receive it. You can also click on a link to the blog site and read the complete update. I expect some will be amazing. And why not—we’ll be reporting the activities of the Creator and His children. We expect nothing less than amazing! Oh yes. We’ll link the posts to Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to share the blogs and links as the Lord leads you.

The first of my ponderings will be coming soon. Keep watching. Even more importantly, keep praying! Jesus said, “Ask (and keep on asking) and you will receive, seek (and keep on seeking), and you will find, knock (and keep on knocking) and the door will be open unto you.”

With Great Anticipation,

Mark H. Ballard


Northeastern Baptist College