I recently heard a story about a farmer that was diagnosed with terminal cancer which prevented him from doing his job. In an effort to help his family, the farmer’s neighbors all banded together to harvest his fields in time for winter. Despite the massiveness of his fields, his neighbors were able to harvest and complete the work for winter all in 10 hours!

Jesus used the illustration of harvesting many times in His earthly ministry. Harvesting, or what we may call Soul-winning, is every Christian’s calling. While some may harvest more than others, “many hands makes light work.”

Fortunately, God is constantly calling, preparing, and repairing men and women to participate in the eternal harvest that all Christians have been drafted for. It is our job to pray that God would give us the help we need as we enter the field in front of us. Jesus said:

Then He said to them, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore, pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” Luke 10:2


As believers, we are called to take part in this harvest, just like the neighbors of the farmer. The more of us that go into the field, the more likely we will be to bring people to Christ quicker and more efficiently. As we continue our labors, we are also called to pray that God would send more laborers. God often answers these prayers in three ways…

Calling New Laborers

God’s work always begins with a call. This is seen in the lives of the disciples (Matt 4:19-22, Matt 9:9, John 1:43-50), and in Romans 10:13-15. People are first called to follow Jesus and then commanded to go and tell. New believers in Jesus Christ have an excitement and a desire to reach their friends and family. As we do our part in harvesting, we are being God’s mouthpiece to call new harvesters into the field.

Preparing Laborers

It’s very common to meet believers that have never shared the Gospel with someone. This is unfortunate because God has called all believers to be in the work of soul-winning. But, God is still capable of preparing these believers to share, despite their lack. Often times, God uses other believers, school, and church to develop a soul-winning mentality in a believer that has not embraced their call to be a part of the harvest.

Repairing Laborers

The sad fact about ministry is that people fail. Men and women are disqualified from their position of ministry on a daily basis due to moral failure, financial difficulties, and a lack of desire to continue. I’ve watched men leave the ministry, and it is heart-breaking. However, God is capable of repairing these very same people and “re-enlisting” them to the work of harvesting.


Whether you find yourself in any of these three categories, as you pray and seek God, ask Him to fulfill His Word in sending harvesters into the fields. Trust that He will do it. Then, work faithfully as His hand in calling, preparing, and repairing laborers to be part of the harvest.

The World we live in is in desperate need of hearing the message of Jesus. Be like the farmer’s neighbor: Recognize the need and do your part to fulfill it. As the old hymn says,

“I love to tell the story

For some have never heard

The message of salvation

From God’s own Holy Word.”

Director of Admissions
Northeastern Baptist College