Ready to join us?

You can apply online right now by clicking the Apply Online button. If you would like to apply through mail or learn more about the application process, keep reading below.

Below are the requirements you’ll need in order to complete your application to enroll at NEBC . Start the process right now by filling out the First Step Application! If you are seeking part-time non-degree studies, click here.

1: Form and Fee2: Transcripts and References3: Signatures and EssayAccepted! What now?

You’ve decided you want to apply to NEBC! How exciting! The first step is to fill out and send in a two-part initial application, along with a non-refundable application fee of $25.

  • For Fall enrollment, complete applications are due by July 23rd.
  • For Spring enrollment, complete applications are due by December 17th.
  • Late applications may require delayed enrollment.
  • Applications can be submitted up to a year in advance of desired enrollment.
  • Fee can be paid in person, through mailed check, or online here.


Next, you’ll need to gather information from your past education, and send out reference forms for friends, a pastor, and your church to complete and mail in to NEBC.

  • If you have taken the ACT or SAT and would like to submit your scores, please have them mailed to the Office of Admissions at Northeastern Baptist College.
    Our school SAT Code is DI Code 7999
    Provide Official Transcripts of all previous high school, college, or university academic work reflecting credit hours earned or attempted. Original transcripts must be certified by and mailed from the registrar of each school directly to Northeastern Baptist College’s Admissions Office in an official, sealed envelope.

Transfer Students Homeschool Students

  • Ask two individuals (non-family members) who have known you at least two years to complete the Confidential Reference form. Print your name in the space provided and have your reference mail their completed reference forms to Northeastern Baptist College.
  • Ask one pastor (non-family member) who has known you for at least one year to complete the Pastor’s Confidential Reference form. Print out your name in the space provided and have the pastor mail the completed reference form to Northeastern Baptist College.
  • Request that the church of your current membership or your home church complete the Church Recommendation form. The church should send in the form to Northeastern Baptist College’s Admissions Office. Print your name in the space provided on the form before distribution.
Next, you’ll need to look over some of NEBC’s policies and standards and sign to agree that you will hold to them during your time at NEBC. We also require a personal essay about your choice to apply to NEBC.

  • Carefully read the Standards of Conduct, then sign and mail.
  • Read the Baptist Faith and Message, and the requested sections of the Academic Catalog, then sign and mail the Applicant Agreement.
  • Complete and mail in a Personal Statement essay of 500-750 words that includes: Your full legal name, birth date, signature, and current date; Your salvation testimony and the circumstances that lead you to devote your life to Christ; Your reasons for desiring an education from Northeastern Baptist College; and The goals you hope to reach by earning an education at Northeastern Baptist College.

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted!  You may be wondering, “Now what?”  This section has the information and resources you’ll need as you prepare to start school.

New Student Packet 
Once you are accepted, a mailed packet of information will soon follow containing information about housing, enrollment, parent questions, and new student orientation.

Are you moving to Bennington?
If so, you’ll receive information soon concerning housing.  New student move-in day for the fall 2017 semester is August 12, 2017 and for the spring 2018 semester is January 12, 2018.  Contact Sharon McCaskill, Director of Student Life, or visit our Housing page for more information.

New Student Orientation
During NSO you will be introduced to life at Northeastern, get to know other students, and gain valuable information about the institution.  In addition to receiving pertinent information for starting school, new students will:

  • learn about policies and procedures
  • make student ID’s
  • meet for academic advisement
  • register for classes
  • make all payments for the semester
  • meet the faculty and staff
  • have fun!
Mail all parts of your Application to:

Office of Admissions 

Northeastern Baptist College

PO Box 4600

Bennington, VT 05201-4600