Bachelor of Arts in Music Ministry

This degree thoroughly prepares students to serve and excel in the field of music ministry. In addition to a solid and challenging general education, music students receive excellent musical training and instruction for church worship from a Christian worldview from experienced and skillful music instructors and worship leaders. All Music Ministry students specialize in one of three possible concentrations: Voice, Keyboarding or Guitar.

The General Core Studies amount to 43 hours, the Bible/Theology Core Studies amount to 24 hours, the Major Core Studies amount to 49 hours, and the Practicum courses amount to 10 hours, totaling 126 hours of Requirements.

Double Concentration
Students can elect to pursue two concentrations. Double concentrations are available for each degree area. To complete a double concentration, the student must complete 15 credit hours outside of their general education and primary concentration studies. Students should note that adding a concentration to their plan of study will extend their expected completion date. Any semester that exceeds 18 credit hours will result in a fee above the regular semester tuition. Therefore, a double concentration will extend the student’s time and resources. All students wishing to declare a double concentration must meet with their advisor and with the Registrar.

This would be beneficial to the Music Ministry, Counseling, and Business students for use in their ministry. Suggested courses are: MUSM 100 Music Theory I (3), Concentration: Keyboarding, Voice or Guitar I – IV (4), MUSM 305 Ensemble 2 semesters (2), MUSM 401 Theory of Worship (3), MUSM 402 Church Music (3).