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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

At NEBC we understand and embrace the idea that businesses and those that work in them present an opportunity to further the great commission. We believe that you have a unique opportunity to harness your gifts and talents to create lasting change in the world of business. It is for that reason we have designed the business program at NEBC to equip you to become a powerful influence, armed with the tactical teaching of fundamental business administration skills along with a strategic biblical approach to achieve God’s call on your life.

Students choosing to pursue a degree in Business Administration will complete 43 credit hours of study in general education and biblical studies, 48 credit hours in business, and choose a concentration to complete 15 credit hours in that specialty area. The three areas of study total 128 credit hours.

General Education & Biblical Studies 43 hours

Students will be given a well-rounded education in the humanities and sciences. To meet the requirement of 43 credit hours, students will select from general education classes such as:

• Biology
• Computer Programming
• Ancient Near East History
• World Literature
• College Algebra
• Probability & Statistics

To support a Christian Worldview and to complement their core studies, students are required to complete 12 of these 43 credit hours in Bible & theology, taking classes such as:

• Hermeneutics
• Personal Evangelism
• Choice studies in the New Testament and Old Testament

Core Business Courses 48 hours

Business students will complete 48 credit hours of core business courses. Interwoven into the fundamentals of business administration are the theories and practices of current trends in business, such as the transformation of doing business with a purpose including Social & Corporate Responsibility, Business 4 Missions (B4M), Great Commission Companies (GCC), Business as Mission (BAM), and Kingdom Business philosophies.

• Accounting
• Business Law
• Corporate Finance
• Christian Ethics
• Economics
• Global Business & Corporate Responsibility
• Human Resource Management
• Interpersonal Communication
• Organization Behavior
• Principles of Management
• Principles of Leadership
• Quantitative Analysis

Concentration Courses 15 hours

Expounding on the idea of transforming the business world, NEBC’s Business Administration concentrations are designed to prepare you to take a leadership role in changing the environment of business.

Entrepreneurial Leadership Concentration
Entrepreneurs have been a driving force throughout the history of business in this country. NEBC’s Entrepreneurial Leadership concentration prepares you to continue that tradition. This concentration covers the areas of small and family business, mission-minded entrepreneurship, kingdom and social entrepreneurship, financing, and growth management in the entrepreneurial field.

Nonprofit Business Management Concentration
Managing a nonprofit business is an exciting and challenging undertaking. The Nonprofit Business Management concentration will prepare you for work in sub-sectors of the non-profit, or in the third sector, including Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), private foundations, public charities, as well as the low-profit, limited liability corporations (L3C) also referred to as emergent fourth sector businesses. This concentration covers management and operations specifically for the nonprofit business as well as studies on board governance, volunteer management, social entrepreneurship, government regulations, and finance.

Project Management Concentration
Students choosing to pursue a concentration in Project Management will be prepared to manage projects in multiple industries and will be knowledgeable in a variety of project management tools and methodologies, with the skills to prioritize and assess the appropriate tools for specific business situations. Furthermore, students will be conversant and knowledgeable in a variety of project management situations and/or roles. This concentration covers all stages of the project life cycle, operations management theories and practice, and team management.

Double Concentration
To complete a double concentration in business, the student must complete 15 credit hours outside of their general education and primary concentration studies. Students should note that adding a concentration to their plan of study will extend their expected completion date.

Double concentrations can be beneficial to the Church Planting/Entrepreneurial Leadership, Counseling, and Christian Education students for use in their ministry. Students may choose any business courses, however, and suggested courses are:

• Intro to Business
• Interpersonal Communication OR Organizational Behavior
• Christian Ethics in Business
• Principles of Management
• Accounting I

Do you believe God is calling you to the business field? Perhaps you have wondered why you should join a line of work that appears to be littered with corruption and deceit. We challenge you to alter your mindset! Consider this call on your life to be God’s call to the mission field and to join us in transforming the world of Business.