Northeastern Baptist College offers three Associates degrees: Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies, Associate of Arts in Music Ministry, and Associate of Science in Business.

Each of the programs include 21 hours of General Education, 16 hours of Biblical and Theological Studies, 4 hours of Practicum courses, and 24 hours in the specific major focus for a total of 65 hours per degree program at this level.

For General Education, students are required to take 12 hours of communication and literature, social science, and/or humanities and fine arts, and 9 hours of business, math, and science.  The General Education program is provided below.

Hours Course Name/Description
3 English Composition I
3 English Grammar
3 Social Science course
3 Math course
3 Science course
3 Elective course (Communications and  Literature/Social Science/Humanities and Fine Arts)
3 Elective course (Business/Math and Science)
21 Total


Biblical/Theological requirements for each degree are as follows:

Hours Course Name/Description
3 Old Testament I or II or III (choose 1)
3 New Testament I or II or III (choose 1)
3 Hermeneutics
3 Introduction to Worldview and Apologetics
4 Biblical Doctrines I and II
16 Total
4 Ministry Practicum (1 credit each semester)
20 Total with Practicum

The remaining 24 credit hours for each degree program are specific to that degree in order to provide a well-rounded foundation in the program areas.  Based on current course schedules, a student would be able to complete this course of study in two years, including J terms and summer terms as needed for course scheduling.  The programs meet the same institutional educational objectives and fall under the same guidelines for completion and graduation as NEBC’s Bachelor’s degree programs in each area but with the reduced number of hours appropriate to an Associate’s degree and requiring no final oral examination.

Students who complete an Associate’s degree in one of these programs can apply and potentially be accepted to complete a Bachelor’s degree in the program at a later date.


Major Courses:

 A.A. in Biblical Studies                       A.A. in Music Ministry                    A.S. in Business

OT I or OT II or OT III (Choose a 2nd course in the series) (3) Music Theory I (3) Intro to Business (3)
NT I or NT II or NT III (Choose a 2nd course in the series) (3) Music Theory II (3) Business Communications (3)
Personal Evangelism (3) Music Theory III (3) Accounting I (3)
Principles of Leadership (3) Music Theory IV (3) Accounting II (3)
Church History (3) Aural Skills I (1) Christian Business Ethics (3) or Principles of Leadership (3)
Spiritual Formation (3) Aural Skills II (1) Marketing Principles (3)
Elective* (3) Music History I (3) Macroeconomics (3) or Microeconomics (3)
Elective* (3) Music History II (3) Business Elective (3)
Vocal I or Keyboarding I or Guitar I (1)
Vocal II or Keyboarding II or Guitar II (1) (must match previous concentration course)
Ensemble, 2 sem (1 each)

*Electives for the A.A. in Biblical Studies major must come from PMNC, CPLC, CHEC, BIBB. BIBG or LANM areas.