Student Story: Katie

Something I didn’t realize during high school is that people are my passion. I always knew I loved helping people, but I just thought that was the nice thing to do. To be honest, I didn’t like people (I’m still wary of crowds); I would purposefully walk a longer way if it meant I could avoid people. As you can see, that made witnessing difficult because I avoided ever having an opportunity. When I and my Christian friends from school and youth group would hear a sermon on sharing the Gospel, we would all be excited to go tell people about the One person who can save them from an eternity of suffering, but excitement was as far as it would ever go, because none of us knew any unbelievers. At the time, I didn’t realize what was wrong with that, until I came to NEBC. Continue reading >>

From Reluctance to Faith

Reluctance, protest, and excuses—we constantly face the temptation to have these reactions to God’s call on our lives.

Too many times we fear the consequences of being obedient to what God has called us to. Humanly speaking, this is a logical reaction. After all, we inhabit a world filled with “many dangers, toils, and snares.” But living a life of faith demands that we push ourselves beyond our human reluctance and respond with faith.  Continue reading >>

Student: Melissa Martin


This past summer, Melissa worked at a Christian camp in Vermont, “After really getting into the Word and growing over the summer, I wanted to get deeper into the Word.” Melissa began to research Bible colleges in the Northeast. Continue reading >>

Responding to Burdens

 As Christians, we are called to be God’s hands and voice in the world. The needs around us are many, and God often shows us where He would have us join Him in His work by placing a specific burden on our heart. But given the fact that we must rely on God’s sufficiency and not our own in order to accomplish His work, and the fact that we will likely face obstacles and opposition when we take a stand for Him in a broken world, exactly how are we to respond when we sense His call? Continue reading >>

The Greatest Moment

“They will call him ‘Immanuel’-which means, ‘God with us.’” Matthew 1:23

Every year, I look forward to placing one special ornament on our Christmas tree. It is not a spectacular ornament and it is not one of which my children take much notice. It is an ornament that reminds me of the significance and awe of the season. It is a small miniature book made into an ornament by Max Lucado years ago. The cover reads, “The First Great Moment.” Continue reading >>

True Worship

What is real worship? What does this look like? If you were to ask 10 different people, you would likely get 10 different answers of varying degrees. Does worship only happen in church, with musical accompaniment? Is it a specific list of rituals you do exactly right? Let’s examine a specific incident from the life of Abraham that will shed light on what it means to live a life of worship. Continue reading >>

Student: Jacob Cook


Jacob first learned about Northeastern Baptist College from his friend, Joe, who was already a student: “My friend told me about NEBC, and I was interested. Continue reading >>

Religion vs. Relationship

When I was a pastor in North Carolina, people would often ask me questions about “religion.” They generally wanted to know why there were different religions and denominations and how one could possibly know who was right. Instead of getting into all the differences between denominations and institutions, I would offer people a perspective to help them see the difference between Christianity and man-made religions. Continue reading >>