President’s Ponderings 4.1

Fall is approaching in New England. Already, in August, color is appearing in some trees. Soon a walk in the woods will reveal breathtaking, colorful panoramas around every curve in the road. Inevitably, you’ll reach a fork. Continue reading >>

President’s Ponderings 3.2

If you subscribed to the “Bennington Banner,” yesterday you would have seen the front-page, headline article announcing the agreement to purchase a downtown property for the future campus of Northeastern Baptist College. Continue reading >>

President’s Ponderings 3.1

Creation is amazing! “The heavens declare” God’s “glory” and “handiwork” (Ps 19:1). Nature reveals His power, wisdom, and greatness. Nature makes the invisible One, visible; even His Godhead is evident. In the end, no one can say, “God, I didn’t know about You!” Judgment Day will be “No Excuse Day” (Rom 1:18-20). Continue reading >>

President’s Ponderings 2.2

A wise English proverb says, “Timing is everything.” While its origin is unknown, most have used the proverb, and all have experienced its reality. We agree “timing” is vital, but few agree on the “right time”—especially if acting requires effort and sacrifice. Sometimes God’s work goes undone while His children debate the timing. Continue reading >>

President’s Ponderings 2.1

Have you ever asked, “How will God do this?” You didn’t ask “if”. You already had His assurance. Deep inside, you knew—with an unexplainable confidence—God would accomplish His work in a particular situation. The “how” question, is different from the “if” question. For example,  Continue reading >>

President’s Ponderings 1.2

From Vermont’s Green Mountains (which I see through my office windows), to New Hampshire’s White Mountains, to the Colorado Rockies, I’ve had a life-long love affair with the majesty, beauty, and grandeur of the mountains. It began when I was boy. Dad and I hiked various Rocky Mountain trails.  Continue reading >>

President’s Ponderings 1.1

Last week I sent you an email announcing a signed agreement to purchase a great campus in Downtown Bennington, Vermont. What a thrill! The buildings can serve as Northeastern Baptist College’s future home for many years to come. Thank you for the notes, prayers, and encouraging texts. Keep them coming. Continue reading >>

2nd B.E.N.E.A.T.H. Trip

On May 1st, 21 students and staff from Northeastern Baptist College took part in the spring BENEATH trip (Believers Exploring New England’s Awesome Theological History). The theme of the trip was the life of D. L. Moody, visiting historic sites honoring the great evangelist and his ministry.  Continue reading >>

A Resolution to Grow

The start of a new year is a great time to make resolutions to change and grow. It has come to symbolize a fresh-start, and the beginning of this new stretch of 365 days seems to give us a stronger resolve and motivation to achieve the changes and growth we desire. Resolutions typically have the same goal: self-improvement. It is common to hear about dieting plans, exercise programs, intellectual pursuits, etc. In church, it is common to hear Christians resolve to evangelize more, pray more, and read through the Bible. Continue reading >>


I recently heard a story about a farmer that was diagnosed with terminal cancer which prevented him from doing his job. In an effort to help his family, the farmer’s neighbors all banded together to harvest his fields in time for winter. Despite the massiveness of his fields, his neighbors were able to harvest and complete the work for winter all in 10 hours! Continue reading >>