President’s Ponderings 18.1


Do you have a prayer partner? Someone may ask, “Why would I want one or need one?”

Sooner or later, and likely it will be sooner rather than later, you will need God’s help. You’ll face an alarming crisis, an urgent need, or a critical decision. A prayer partner can help you shoulder the burden and find God’s answer.

God never intended for you to live the Christian life all alone. You need a prayer partner to join you in taking your petitions to the Father. Continue reading >>

President’s Ponderings 17.1


Cindy and I bought our first home computer in September 1993. It was a Macintosh Performa 200 with a 9” monochrome display. By today’s standards, its 16 MHz 68030 processor, 2 MB of RAM, and 80 MB hard drive weren’t great. I didn’t realize it, but it wasn’t great even then. The model was discontinued and obsolete within a month, but it was a giant leap forward for us. Continue reading >>

President’s Ponderings 16.1

Three Things To Remember During This Giving Season

Our culture transitions quickly from Thanksgiving to Christmas giving. At one time, the Thanksgiving emphasis lasted all the way from the third Thursday until the end of November. The Christmas season began on December 1. During my growing up years, “Black Friday” entered the scene. Today, we’ve added “Cyber Monday” and “Giving Tuesday.” These three days kick-off the giving season. Continue reading >>

President’s Ponderings 15.1


“Practical mentoring” is a part of Northeastern Baptist College’s mission. Recently, a student asked an important mentoring question. “President Ballard, what do you do in your personal time with the Lord?” The question pleased me. A part of mentoring is sharing practical life experiences. Continue reading >>

President’s Ponderings 14.1

I am often asked, “What’s it like to start a college?”

“It’s always exciting, never boring, and most of the time, it’s fun!” Continue reading >>

President’s Ponderings 13.1


Last Friday and Saturday, Cindy and I attended our 20th annual Baptist Convention of New England. Ben and two of our students attended with us. It was thrilling. We talked with old friends and met new ones. Continue reading >>

Fall 2017 B.E.N.E.A.T.H. Trip

On Monday, October 23rd , students and staff from NEBC went on their third B.E.N.E.A.T.H. trip (Believers Exploring New England’s Awesome Theological History), this time to Northampton, MA, to visit sites related to the life and ministry of Jonathan Edwards.  Continue reading >>

President’s Ponderings 12.1


October 31, 1517 was a crucial day in Christian history. That day, an Augustinian monk, Martin Luther, nailed his 95 Theses to the Castle Church door in Wittenberg, Germany. Other people and events contributed to the Reformation, but Luther’s action was decisive. He intended to begin a debate about the Roman Catholic Church’s fundraising method—selling indulgences. He sparked an unintended firestorm instead. Continue reading >>

President’s Ponderings 11.1

What comes to mind when you think of God’s blessings? In blog 10.1, I noted how God blessed His people in Jerusalem in Haggai’s day, and how He blesses us in our day. God’s children experience His supernatural favor when we adjust our lives to live His priorities. Continue reading >>

President’s Ponderings 10.1

What comes to your mind when you think of God’s blessings? Do you imagine they exempt you from problems, challenges, and trials? Do you think His blessings guarantee your health, wealth, and wisdom? According to Haggai, in spite of problems and trials, even without health and wealth, God’s people are blessed when they pursue God’s priorities. Consider three important truths about God’s blessing. Continue reading >>