Open Doors: The Pathway to God-Sized Assignments
by Mark H. Ballard with Dr. Timothy K. Christian

Open Doors is an exciting account of God’s supernatural activity. The stories you will read are not embellished for impact. They are true. Using faithful biblical exposition and inspiring personal illustrations, Mark Ballard invites you to join God in what He alone can do. God opens doors—mega doors. He works mightily in, and for, those who see His doors and walk through by faith. Read Open Doors. Read for inspiration; it is vibrant and biblical. Read for encouragement. You will find faith-building material. Read for preparation. Your mega door may be just around the corner.

Normal’s Journey by Mark H. Ballard

Normal’s Journey traces the steps of a man who wakes up one day to realize there is something missing in his life. This realization pushes him into an intense search for a way to fill the void he has discovered. As the search continues his entire life is impacted. Eventually Normal identifies his problem, finds the solution and begins to enjoy life like never before. Part 2 of the book draws principles from the story and leads the reader to make practical application in his/her own journey.

Normal’s Journey is a fascinating and compelling description of one man’s search for satisfaction and fulfillment. Through his search, he discovered that the dissatisfaction that overwhelmed his life found its root cause in his lack of intimacy with our Lord Jesus Christ. This is a story that describes us all at one point or another and will be a strong guide for the reader to enter into the fullness of an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. We are all on a journey seeking satisfaction and contentment. These pages will be an incredible encouragement to every believer and a sound guide for making the journey successfully.

Jimmy Draper
President Emeritus
LifeWay Christian Resources


Understanding Baptism Icon

Understanding Baptism by Mark Ballard (Download PDF)

Understanding Baptism was originally presented in a Sunday Morning Worship Service at Christian Fellowship Baptist Church in Londonderry, NH. The sermon was presented by Pastor Mark H. Ballard just prior to the observance of this holy ordinance. Pastor Ballard later wrote this booklet based upon his previous sermon.

Understanding Fasting Icon

Understanding Fasting by Mark Ballard (Download PDF)

In the Fall of 2002 Pastor Ballard sensed the Lord leading him to call Christian Fellowship Baptist Church to 40 days of intense focus on the Lord. As he continued to seek the Lord as to the nature of the 40 Days several elements developed into a cohesive unit which he called “40 Days of Focus.” Early in the development process Pastor Ballard sensed that the spiritual exercise of fasting needed to play a major role in the time of focus. Realizing that fasting is a little practiced and much misunderstood spiritual exercise; it was decided to turn the material into a booklet form that could be distributed.

Understanding Grace Giving Icon

Understanding Grace Giving by Mark Ballard (Download PDF)

Over a two-year period of time Pastor Mark Ballard led Christian Fellowship Baptist Church on a Journey Through the Bible. Each week the Sunday Morning, Sunday Night and Wednesday Night services were dedicated to a single book of Scripture. As the Church came to 2 Corinthians Pastor Mark sensed the Lord leading him to spend three weeks on this book. During that three-week period of time he preached 3 sermons on the subject of Grace Giving. These three sermons served as background preparation for the development of this booklet.

In this short booklet Pastor Mark explains his own journey in dealing with the subject of giving. He describes his own struggle with knowing how to deal with the Biblical concepts in a time when many television preachers were abusing the subject. He then shares how the Lord moved in his heart to settle the issue once and for all. Pastor Mark then leads the reader through an examination of three critical texts of Scripture that teach the meaning of “Grace Giving.”

Understanding Temptation Icon

Understanding Temptation by Mark Ballard (Download PDF)

During the month of July 2006 Pastor Mark Ballard led the congregation of Christian Fellowship Baptist Church through a four-week study on temptation. The contents of this booklet are based upon the material presented during that study. Our prayer is that the Lord will use this material in your life to enable you to better deal with temptation.

Why Do We Give Icon

Why Do We Give by Mark Ballard (Download PDF)

President Mark Ballard takes a hard look at gift giving, considering the traditions of our country and the world, while trying to understand if there is any Biblical basis for it. The result of his study changed his attitude and approach to giving, not only at Christmas when we traditionally give many gifts, but all year long. Prayerfully, your approach to giving will be forever changed as well.

Worry Free Living and Giving Icon

Worry Free Living and Giving by Timothy K. Christian (Download PDF)

Americans are facing multiple financial challenges. Maybe you heard about it. How should Christians, churches, and faith-financed organizations respond? How should you respond? This short article will provide solid Biblical based advice on handling worry and the treasures in our lives.